I first made a model in Autodesk Inventor to see how much space I needed for my pedals and design the exact dimensions of the parts. The idea was to build a sandwich of a thick board in the middle as a supporting structure and to apply the LED strips.


The wood I used to build the framing and the baseplate was medium density fiberboard. Only some of the feet are made of solid wood. The side panels consist of four layers. One 19mm plate in the middle as supporting structure and 2mm plates as sheathing. On one side an additional 2mm plate is attached to the supporting plate to make the gap a little bigger and to give room for the cables.

Below you can see the outer panels. The holes were cut with a hole saw and the rest was cut out with a scroll saw.

pedalumi_003 pedalumi_004

That’s a lot of wood.



Some shots of the LED strips and the wooden framing.










Let’s see if the lights still shine.



Some shots of the base plate. I designed it with two levels. For one reason to be be able to better access the top row, for another to make room to fit the cables and the power supply unit underneath. pedalumi_017





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