As the number of my guitar pedals grew, the decision was clear to build a pedalboard. Then I thought, why not add some light, so I can see the knobs in the dark. And then I found out about those programmable LPD8806 strips with libraries for Arduino and Raspberry Pi. That was when things blew out of proportion… so now the result is a mixture of light organ and pedalboard. It can turn sound into light using pitch detection and sound volume with a little help from a Raspberry Pi. It features several animation modes and a Tuner, a visual metronome and more to come.



Here you can read more about the project details:

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  7. Some questions. Did you get a buffered signal split pedal to take the guitar signal to the pi and to the amp? Also any leads on where to get those glass tubes?

  8. Finally got my lights working, but unfortunately there is a lot of interference from the PI and the lights in my signal chain. Did you have any of these problems? Any suggestions?

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