Xwö – Üble Kaschemme

A little more experimental this time, this is a dark one. I experimented with different sounds you can get out of a guitar using certain tools. The breathing sound in the beginning was made with a roughened aluminum rod scratching muted strings right above the pickup. There’s a whispering which is an excerpt from a Kafka novel recorded and reversed. The squeeking sound is made with a violin bow. Then I used the aluminum rod again with a tremolo effect and all other sounds like beats and synthies are made with NI’s Maschine.
The title means something like “horrible drinkinghole / dive / gin mill” or however you might call it.

Xwö – Urlaub in Böhmischen Dörfern

My second track – this time I want to get a way from the loop-based concept and try to “tell a story” from A to B. I used some field recording for it. The one in the beginning is my way to work by bicycle. Then there is rain and sunshine in the end (though can’t hear the sunshine, but you can tell by the happy bird tweets). I used guitar, bass, kalimba and glockenspiel on this one.
The title resembles to a German saying “das sind für mich böhmische Dörfer”. If you don’t understand anything about a certain topic you say “those are bohemian villages to me”. So the track title translates to “vacations in bohemian villages”.